Why is preparing for the future important essay

The future is not promised, is a common saying. Often people need to plan for their future, but they only focus on today. But this is not a smart move. The future might not be promised, but if you prepare well for it, then you won’t have any regrets. Regret is the worst burden one can carry because there is often nothing to do about it. This ‘why is preparing for the future important essay’ will share how regrets of getting to the future unprepared can be avoided.

Why is preparing for the future important essay
preparing for the future

Why is preparing for the future important essay (Sample)

Why is it important to prepare for the future?

Preparation for anything helps you fit in. Those who prepare for the future can easily adjust to its challenges. Let’s take an instance of a farmer who, for ages, has been depending on rainfall as the only source of water for his crops. If the farmer is advised to start storing water or at least dig a borehole just in case the rains fail, this will be a preparation for the future. Indeed seasons can be unpredictable, as can be witnessed currently due to global warming. Many farmers who only depend on rainfall have witnessed a substantial reduction in annual yields. However, farmers who invested in water harvesting and storage share a different plight of low yields.

Another reason why preparing for the future is important is to avoid unnecessary surprises. Some surprises can be depressing, especially if you do not know how to go about them. As human beings, we always have some anticipations, and often when things go contrary to our expectations, we end up being disappointed. Preparing for the future helps low expectations by introducing all the probable forthcoming outcomes. To explain this further, let’s take an example of a college student who aspires to work for a particular firm. The student has expressed his desire to join the firm and has even been promised to intern at the firm. With hope built up, the student fails to seek other options. Unfortunately, by the time the student is required to go for an internship, the firm is declared bankrupt and is dissolved. In such a scenario, the student will be somehow disappointed and desperately look for an organization willing to offer an internship.  

Preparing for the future can help in evading some mistakes. As you prepare for something, you learn more about it, and this could save you from making some mistakes whose outcomes are known and unwanted.

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Why is the present more important than the future?

Some people might disregard preparing for the future, saying that the present is all that counts. The present is indeed more important because even the future depends on what we do currently. Our present dictates how our tomorrow will be. So, if you lay a strong foundation today, you will have a firm structure tomorrow. Any change that is desired can be instilled only in the present.

The present is important as it can predict how the future might turn out. For instance, if you are lazy today, it is likely that your future will not be admirable. Whatever aspirations you might have, start working on them in the present; otherwise, ‘the future’ might never come.

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What does it mean to be prepared for the future?

essay about preparing for the future
Tips for being prepared for the future

To be prepared for the future means you are:

  • Confident
  • Open to criticism/feedback
  • Time conscious
  • Open to challenge

You have to trust yourself to convince others you are worthy of their trust. A confident person believes in his/her strengths and abilities. This faith puts such a person in a better place to prepare for their future.

A person prepared for the future understands that the world is evolving and upgrading one’s knowledge is paramount. It is recommended to be aware of all that is happening around you and never assume you are all-knowing. Learning has no end. We learn new things at a time. This is the mentality of a person who is prepared for the future. As you accept feedback and criticism, you learn to become a better version of yourself than yesterday.

In the job market, one ought to warmly acknowledge remarks from superiors and workmates. When advised to make adjustments in a particular field, do not take such comments negatively. We become the best version of ourselves after accepting our weaknesses and working towards amending them.

The phrase, ‘time is everything,’ has become monotonous; however, this saying has never been more relevant than it is in this case of preparing for the future. Mastering the skill of time management and learning to value time is a prerequisite for those who wish to be successful in the future.

why is it important to prepare for the future essay
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Another vital trait of a person prepared for the future is risk tolerance. It would be best if you were not afraid of taking risks; otherwise, you will stay in your comfort zone and never reach your full potential. Sometimes an opportunity might come forth, and if one is too scared, they might never take their shot as they are extra cautious about avoiding failure. You’ll find that being open to challenges sharpens you for whatever the future brings.

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