Essay on Why I choose Dogs in our Life

I choose Dogs in our Life

People keep pets for many reasons, the main one being for companion. Owning a pet can result in many health benefits as the pets increase opportunities to get outside, socialize and exercise. Before decided on which pet to keep, one ought to have considered its welfare. I prefer keeping a dog. Dogs have a long history with man. This relationship began in the Stone Age when man realized dogs’ loyalty. I choose dogs in our life because they generally improve wellbeing, and maintaining them is easy.

Building a relationship with a dog is easy, after which one is guaranteed the dog’s company and companion. Having a dog can offer comfort to people who crave an unconditional interaction with unavailable friends. The bond between man and dog provides a solution to emptiness. Based on a narration posted on the NBC News website having a dog can help drug addicts get back their life and restore wellbeing (McMahan, 2017). McMahan (2017) reports an individual who felt empty, was homeless and had gone into addiction hardcore, but eight months into his recovery, he got a dog, which fastened his recovery. I believe dogs are called “man’s best friend” for this reason. They can reduce human loneliness and give a sense of purpose to lost souls.

Companion pets help regulate heart rate and lower the blood pressure of their owners (Casciotti & Zuckerman, n.d.). When a person with a dog (pet) is under stress, his/her heart rate and blood pressure are lower compared to non-pet owners. Patients trying to reduce their stress levels are recommended to get a dog for therapeutic purposes. When we spend about 15 minutes with our favorite pet, the body releases “feel good” hormones (oxytocin, prolactin, and serotonin), which lowers stress levels (Reeves, 2020). Achieving this does not require the pet owner to do much; walking with your dog for some time is enough.

Many people are becoming obsessed because of inactivity. Owning a dog can help to solve the issue of inactivity. Persons with dogs will always go out and exercise. They do this by visiting the park and playing ‘fetch.’ The small walks dog owners take are also enough activity to keep fit. The outdoor activity also enhances one’s social life. As a person goes to the park with their dog, they interact with other people in the park, which is beneficial emotionally and psychologically. Introvert individuals ought to consider getting a dog as a measure of improving their socializing skills.

One may want to pet a dog but discard the thought because they think maintaining it is tiresome and costly. But this is not the case. All that a do requires is food and shelter. Dog’s food is not expensive, and as long as a dog is fed right and kept clean, there will be no need to visit the vet. Earning the loyalty of a dog comes at the expense of treating it right. If you treat your dog appropriately, it will be loyal and willing to observe the teachings given to it.

In conclusion, dogs should be in our lives because they improve wellbeing. Persons suffering from stress and depression can find comfort by getting a dog. The animal is also fun being around as it quickly learns and can memorize the teachings. The requirements of petting a dog are simple and relatively affordable.


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