Example of My leadership philosophy essay

My leadership philosophy essay
my leadership philosophy

When tasked with ‘my leadership philosophy essay,’ you are expected to share the doctrine that guides your decision-making. This may entail your core principles, perspectives, and values. A personal leadership philosophy essay should be easy to write if you yearn to be a great leader. Questioning why a leadership philosophy is important? A practical leadership philosophy is crucial to running a team successfully. If your leadership doctrine is rooted in a robust set of values and principles, you will remain committed to your goals which will eventually inspire and motivate your followers. Below is an example of ‘my leadership philosophy essay.’ Hope it inspires you and gets you started on composing your essay.

My leadership philosophy essay

Leadership is more of a calling than a responsibility. For a person to qualify as a leader, they ought to have an in-depth understanding of what leading will require of them and be willing to execute the requirements. Everybody deserves an opportunity to shine, and I consider my leadership a chance to make this come true. The leaders themselves are in that position because someone had faith in them and gave them a chance to showcase their abilities. As a leader, I intend to follow these footprints and create lucrative opportunities for my followers and colleagues.

I am a selfless individual that does right not for praise but because it is the right thing to be done. Leaders should be persons who facilitate the flow of operations and also help others grow. I aspire to be the best in everything I do. Therefore, I aspire to become the best leader ever, and I believe the best way to achieve this is by building stable team relations. I am not biased or discriminative when it comes to persons to work with, so long as they are equally committed and ready to work towards a common objective. It is my obligation as a leader to convince my follower to commit towards a common goal fully. Leadership requires competent communicative skills that can help win the loyalty of associates.

I am respectful and demand the same from people around me. I dislike liars because I find lying to be an exhibition of disrespect. In my leadership, I respect boundaries and take a polite approach when addressing others. I rarely let my emotions have the best of me and lead me to treat people disrespectfully. Even when a person is in the wrong, I respectfully address the issue. I am bold and always accept my mistakes, unlike most leaders who are quick to blame. When a leader puts his/her fault on another person, the respect bestowed upon them starts to diminish. I consider mistakes as an opportunity to learn, and as a result, I am a confident risk-taker that is open to whatever outcome.

personal leadership philosophy essay
personal leadership philosophy

Since I believe everyone should be granted the chance to shine, I trust people. Though I understand some people might disappoint or try to manipulate my trust in them, this does not deter me from trusting new people. As a leader, I also have to be trusted by my associates. I always accept accountability to prove my trustworthiness. Being accountable shows I am a responsible and reliable leader. I also balance my vision with implementation; I walk my talk. I believe in leading by example. I am always at the forefront of executing my vision before my followers decide to follow. Setting an example helps a leader earn trust and prominence.

I work hard and think everyone else who wants to be successful should as well. I despise individuals who wish to receive free credit or harvest from other efforts. When vetting people’s competency to join my team, I consider their commitment, hard work, and attitude. The right attitude is key to overcoming any challenge that might pose a hindrance to attaining excellence. Throughout my leadership, I always maintain a positive attitude despite the uncertainty of the odds. This positive attitude drives my belief that everyone is eligible for a chance to shine.

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