Essay on Religion


Many people find it odd that a supreme being is all-powerful and righteous, but he allows evil to exist. It is as if the Supreme Being allows forces to compete against his will. As typical human beings, we would not encourage competition if we had the power. Theodicy tries to break down why evil prevails despite there being a God who is all-powerful. The scriptures remind believers that the ways and thoughts of God are different from that of humankind. This explains why God is powerful but lets opposing powers prevail, which no typical human being would allow. God allows suffering for a good course. But most of the suffering people are due are because of their evil deeds. For instance, women go to labor pains because it is a punishment due to Eve’s disobedience.

I believe that despite the horrible evils that occur in the world, there is a perfect and almighty God in charge of everything. God is all-knowing and often lets evil occur so that his followers’ faith deepens. For instance, the Holocaust was a devastating event, but the Jew’s religion gained more strength and followers from it. God lets evil appear to win with the intent of testing his followers. God forbids any form of evil, and for those who persevere through it without losing faith, indeed God will reward them. A good illustration o this is Job’s story. Job was a servant of God but underwent much suffering, pain, and losses. But he did not give up his faith in serving his master, and indeed all that he had lost was compensated in plenty. The experiences of Job strengthened his faith and, at the same time, served as a lesson to others.

If I were God would test people in the same way Job was tested. The story of Job is more impactful in showing the power of God and strengthening the faith that people bestow on God. Putting people to taste is a good way of ensuring they are truly righteous. Although Hitler’s extermination of the twelve million people of the Holocaust was evil, it resulted in the vast spread of Christianity. The genocide also enticed more people to be courageous in revolting against the Nazis. As God, I would allow the Holocaust to remind Christians that even death should not scare them. After all, the creature of humankind, there is nothing that I cannot restore.  

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