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Essay on Community Service

Community Service

Although Mother Teresa died years ago, her reputation has spread all through generations. The lady is remembered for her selflessness and commitment to helping the less fortunate. She understood that participation in community service was the only way to make the changes she desired. In the community services that Mother Teresa was involved in, she did not desire to profit or earn fame. As a result of this attitude, she became a blessing to many and will always be honored.

With my knowledge about Mother Teresa, I would encourage people to participate in community service by reminding them they are the agents of the change they want. People always complain about various issues in every community, and they often blame the government and leaders. But as Mother Teresa showed the world, some of the challenges communities face can be solved if people come together and work as a team. My volunteer plan will involve empowering all the members and making them feel like important and equal members. In volunteering initiatives, no member should be favored. The members will state their areas of strength and be granted the opportunity to contribute in those areas. The working hours will be flexible to allow the members to volunteer only when they have free time. Community services discourage the participation of people if it interferes with their careers and daily routine. Of course, people cannot volunteer in community service at the expense of failing to go to work. Members involved in the volunteer plan will entail well-wishers and residents of the community. Membership will be open to anyone despite culture, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, gender, age, or religion. Inclusivity is essential as it shows the volunteering program wants what is best for the community. In most cases, the volunteering programs are more successful when they have many members because there is a lot of talent and human resources. The plan will reach out to people who are often discriminated against, overlooked, and excluded.

Mother Teresa emphasized advocating for the meek and showing our love for them (Lemke, 2016). Transformational methods are effective in motivating people to work towards a particular course. The transformation approach uses vision and mission to inform members where a team aspires to go and why (DiFranza, 2019). One strategy I will use to motivate team members is ensuring they understand the purpose and goals of our operations. When members understand why their organization seeks to accomplish they are more devoted to actualizing it. If members of a volunteering program do not know the significance of their services, they will feel as though they are wasting time. Such a feeling will discourage their participation in community service. As a leader using transformational techniques, I will set clear goals about our operations as volunteers. After this, I will ensure that every member understands those goals and their relative priority. Another strategy will be sharing the organizational vision with the members. When everyone knows the collective vision, the members will be motivated, enthusiastic and indivisible. Teamwork is a crucial pillar of any community service. From the cooperation of members, the set objective is quickly achieved. I will enable others to lead the community service efforts by showing them volunteering offers a great chance to take more responsibility and build skills. Community service is a great place to learn new skills and progress career-wise (Landrum, 2016). As members regard the volunteering service as a venture to grow, they will also lead in the community service efforts.

In conclusion, convincing people to participate in community service requires making them understand the goal and purpose of the operation. After people realize the benefit that they will facilitate, they will be motivated to volunteer. Mother Teresa’s reputation can help motivate people’s participation in community service as she is famous and an honorable woman. People are the drivers of change, and reminding them of this will get them to lead in community service efforts.


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