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Can you write a 1000-word essay in a day: New tips when writing an essay

How much can a person achieve in one day? Well, this all depends on your mind sent. According to Mel Robbins, our brains have two modes: autopilot and direct mode. In autopilot mode, you go through your day without even thinking, whereas in direct mode, you are in the moment and can deliberately select what you want to think about. The speaker continues to explain further how we can program our brains to be more productive in a day.

A day, that’s twenty-four hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. Sounds like a lot of time, but unfortunately, most of us rarely complete what’s on our to-do list daily.

When you bring writing into the matter, it becomes hell for most people. Can you write a 1000-word essay in a day?

Did you answer ‘No!’ Amazingly, it is possible to write a 1000-word essay and even more in a day. Read along to rediscover how to tap into your full potential.

How to write a paper quickly and efficiently

It is so obvious that you require adequate time management skills to write an essay quickly. Planning yourself properly will not only guarantee you beat the deadline, but also you will have efficient time to proofread and revise your paper before submitting it.

How to write a paper quickly and efficiently
Time management skills

So you have been tasked with a 1000-word essay and only have one day to complete it. This is how to plan your time best:

Wake up early and freshen up

It is recommended you have at least 7 hours of quality sleep. Waking up early is good as it avoids having to do anything in a hurry after waking up, taking a bath, or getting off your pajamas. Remember to make your bed. Making your bed first is very important as this will be the first task accomplished in the day, and this motivates you to complete other tasks on your schedule.

Take decent breakfast

Breakfast is a very vital meal as it gives you the energy to propel through the first half of the day, which is when most people are more productive. According to WebMD, taking breakfast helps burn calories throughout the day by kick-starting your metabolism.  

It is better if you take something substantial to get you going without collapsing halfway through your day’s agenda. Porridge is the best meal to have for breakfast, the reason being it’s a rich source of carbohydrates that slowly releases energy. Porridge is also great because it reduces one’s appetite by giving you a sense of fullness (this reduces the urge to take breaks to go eat something constantly).

Select a suitable workstation

Pick an ideal space with minimum distraction. You can choose to write your essay in your bedroom, assuming you have a desk and chair. Avoiding using your bedroom as the workstation if you will write while on the bed. The bed could easily make you doze off.

Another factor to consider when picking a workstation is accessibility to all equipment and accessories you will need. For starters, your chosen place should be close to a power supply (socket or extension), just in case your laptop’s battery drains off. Avoid working at places such as the gazebo if there is no socket, as it will be a couple of hours before your battery runs low, and you will be forced to switch locations.

Unnecessary movements when writing an essay are the worst because they obstruct the flow of ideas.

Keep off social media.

Students’ best friend and worst enemy are their phones. As a student, you can use your phone to research something or ask a classmate about a concept in your coursework. But when it comes to writing a 1000-word research paper in a day, your phone becomes your enemy.

Trying to complete an essay with your phone beside you can be quite tempting. You will be tempted to check out your phone, claiming it will only be for a minute. Before you know it, you will be carried away by social media and waste plenty of time that would have been used in composing your paper quickly and efficiently.

switch phone off

Therefore, turn your phone off or put it in silent mode and place it face down.

Lay down your schedule

When writing an essay within a specified period, like one day, you have to manage your time adequately; otherwise, you might overspend or underspend time on the unnecessary. The best way to go about this is by noting down your schedule on a piece of paper. This will break down the task into small segments, and you can cancel each element when done with it. Doing this will give you extra motivation as you gradually make a step toward completing your essay.

Let’s assume you woke up early, made all preparations, and it’s now 8 am, and at the same time the following day, you ought to have submitted your 1000-word essay. It would be best if you didn’t worry about how to go about this task. Below is a table outlining a feasible approach to take.

 8 am – 8.30 amCome up with a thesis statement around which you will base your overall argument.
 8.30 am – 10 amPrepare your essay’s outline, including descriptive topic sentences.
 10 am – 11 amSearch for appropriate references to back your argument
 11 am -11.30 amTake a short break
 11.30 am –12.15 pmWrite the introduction of your essay
 12.15 pm –1.30 pmLunch break
 1.30 pm – 6 pmWrite the body + conclusion of the essay
 6 pm –7 pmDinner break
 7 pm – 9 pmProofread, edit/revise

NOTE: In the above schedule, there are breaks. Please don’t take this for granted or assume you do not need them. The breaks are essential in ensuring your brain remains nourished and at its peak level of productivity. You can also take short breaks in each session (say at an interval of 30 minutes). During the short breaks, stretch or stroll to the washroom.

Can you write a 1000-word essay in a day? Writing a 1000 word essay in less than a day

How to write thesis statement for essay

Time: 8 am – 8.30 am

The first step before proceeding with the thesis statement is understanding your essay question. Sometimes you are given multiple essay questions to choose from. In such a case, go for the question you are more conversant with or believe you can give strong opinions on.

What’s a thesis statement? You might ask! A thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the main point of your essay.

Watch the three steps to compose a great thesis statement.

Prepare your essay’s outline.

Time: 8.30 am – 10 am

With your thesis statement intact, you have an approach to answering the essay question. To prepare the outline, write summary sentences for every point you will address in each paragraph.

This will be like a skeleton that gives you an image of how your argument will unfold.

You can write about five main points (topic sentences) that you want your argument to revolve around, and underneath them, list supporting arguments.

A descriptive essay outline simplifies the actual writing process, as all you will be doing is adding meat to the skeleton. This is the best technique to use when you have to write an essay within a specified deadline because you will never run to a standstill where you don’t know what to write next.

How to find references for an essay

Time: 10 am –11 am

Here you will have to dive into the internet and fish for materials that support your argument. You should be careful with this step, as you could easily get distracted when search engines present irrelevant content. So limit the time you spend looking for references by using the best keyword to search and knowing where credible authors publish their content.

In this case, we are under the assumption that you depend on online sources. But if you are using textbooks, you will need more time to get useful information for your argument. 

NOTE: Your lecture notes often list the best references to get you started. So make sure you review the lecture slides and module to see if you find anything substantial to start with.

How do I find credible sources?

Credible sources are written by reputable/authentic authors who publish bias-free content, and they back it up with evidence. For a source to be rendered credible, it ought to pass the CRAAP test:

  • Currency –it should be up to date
  • Relevance –it should be relevant to your research
  • Authority –its source and author should be traceable.
  • Accuracy –it should be supported by evidence.
  • Purpose –the motive of the publication should be clear.

The best place you can easily find relevant content without a hassle is google scholar. This is a search engine full of free academic sources.

Other databases you can trust include:

  • Oxford Academic
  • SAGE Publishing
  • Taylor and Francis Online
  • Academic Journals
  • Wiley Online Library
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Medline
  • PubMed
  • Springer Publications

Writing the introduction of an essay.

Time: 11.30 am –12.15 pm

Writing a great Introduction to an essay is vital as it sets up your main point by telling readers what they should expect. This is the part where you grasp your readers’ attention and convince them to continue reading.

Remember you are writing a 1000-word essay, so the introduction should not be excessively long. A paragraph of between 150-250 words should do.

Remember your thesis statement comes at the end of the introductory paragraph. (as shown in the image below)

thesis statement location in essay
location of thesis statement in essay

Writing your essay: The body

Time: 1.30 pm – 6 pm

With the introduction done, it is now time to hit that keyboard like hell. Your typing speed is no big deal since you have an outline that ensures time is well-spent as you try to think of what to write next.

All through, focus on putting down all your content; this will ease the struggle of wording your points eloquently.

The writing phase should not be cumbersome. But if it happens that you lack the appropriate words to express your points, relax, take a break and reread your outline. This should bring your mind back to the game, and perfect wording will start flowing.

Proofread/edit your essay

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Proofreading a 1000-word essay in two hours might like too much time. Well, if you are a great writer, you will require very little time to edit your essay; after all, the mistakes are very minimal.

Human is to err. It is normal not to get all your ideas written down eloquently on the first go. You know yourself best. Take all the time you need (from the two hours) to review your paper and ensure every detail comes out as intended.

We are endowed differently. If you are among those people who can write quickly and eloquently, you will not have to edit your essay.


  • How to reach your word count

This usually happens when dealing with long essays, and you find yourself struggling with the word count. The first step you should take is to try to relax and go through your paper, trying to identify a point in your argument that you did not fully expound on. Throw in a quote to that point. Remember, after adding a quote, you should add at least one sentence.

When using quotes, you must write them in your own words, or else your paper will be plagiarized. Paraphrasing quotes also give an essay a unique voice that makes it stand out.

Add examples in your arguments can also help you reach your word count. The examples should be relevant to make the essay eloquent and show mastery of the topic.

  • Can I write a research paper in a day?

The answer to this is yes. You can write a research paper in a day by simply following the above guideline. Your time management skills will determine your success in completing the research paper in a day.

  • How many words can you write in a day essay?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question. How many words can you write in a day essay will depend on many factors such as typing speed, subject/topic, etc. Some topics are easy, maybe because you are more knowledgeable in them or accessing relevant content on them isn’t hectic.

  • Can you write a 3000-word essay in a day?

Writing a 3000-word essay in a day is possible. The guide above explains how you can write a 1000-word essay; making some adjustments to the planned schedule will help get your essay done.

  • How many essays can you write in a day?

Again the answer to this question is not definite as it will vary depending on various factors such as the amount of each essay (word count), typing speed, subject, etc.

  • Can you write a 1500-word essay in a day?

Writing a 1500-word essay within 24hrs is no challenging task. With a good plan schedule, you should be done with your essay in about 15 hours.

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  • Can you write an essay in one day?

Yes, you can. All you need is a laptop and a planned schedule.

  • Can you write a 4000-word essay in a day?

This can be done, but it won’t be a walk in the park. You will have to manage your time very well and up your typing speed.

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  • Can you write a 2000-word essay in a day?

A 2000-word essay can be completed in a day if you manage your time properly and follow a practical plan schedule.

  • How many paragraphs are in a 1000-word essay?

A 1000-word essay should be about 5 to 10 paragraphs.  Writing five paragraphs means each will be at least 200 words, which is 10-12 sentences per paragraph.