Research Paper Outline: American Express

American Express

Below are three things that the research paper will address:

  • The strategies American Express uses to enhance corporate culture

American Express values corporate values, and it is always working to strengthen its culture. The research paper will explain the significance of this initiative and the tactics the organization uses to ensure its values never fade. Companies that want to reap from their employees’ full potential should foster corporate values that create a safe and inclusive workplace (Jain-Link et al., 2020). Many firms aspire to retain their values and culture, but unfortunately, this is not always attainable. American Express has been able to maintain its corporate culture for a long time, despite the various challenges and changes it has undergone over the years.

  • The corporation’s competitive advantages

As a financial services company offering businesses and consumers global payment, network, and travel services, American Express faces stiff competition. But the company has remained relevant because of strengths that put it on top of competitors. The research paper will look into these competitive advantages and how American Express is working on them to ensure they remain effective. American Express serves a wide variety of clients, and although this might be advantageous, it also has some challenges; therefore, the research paper will explain how the company tackles cultural diversity. 

  • The future plans of American Express

Owning to the COVID-19 pandemic, American Express suffered low business as consumer spending dropped (Trefis Team, 2020). The experience was an eye-opener for most businesses as it gave them ideas on how to prepare for the unknown and how to handle an abrupt recession. The research paper will address the measures America Express plan to implement to enhance its dominance.


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