Advertising Sample Essay


The article talks of the transformation advertising have undergone and the impact it has had on the market forces. As competition grew stiff in the 21st century, advertisers opted to use digital technology to attract more attention to products. The effectiveness of a commercial is based on how it is integrated with the knowledge of the public. Advertising agencies study consumers’ behavior and analyze the demographics of a market area before initiating a strategy of using the media. The strategy also implements creativity to ensure advertising messages produced will be noticeable and impactful on targets. According to the article, advertising is a powerful and significant determinant of companies’ survival. Critics of advertising believe that advertising makes consumers pay more for products as they have to incur the cost of advertising. A counterattack to this notion is that advertisements facilitate mass sales, and this brings prices down. Advertising campaigns are expensive to ensure only a few firms dominate the market. Luckily for the small firm, online advertising earns them a spot in the market.

Advertising does not affect the price of a product. “In criticism of advertising, it has been argued that the consumer must pay for the cost of advertising in the form of higher prices for goods; against this point, it is argued that advertising enables goods to be mass-marketed, thereby bringing prices down (“Advertising” 1).” Although advertisements can be costly, they attract more sales, ensuring a product’s price does not increase. Moreover, some advertisement tactics are free but equally effective in attracting clients.

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