A Technology Trend

A Technology Trend

I aspire to pursue a career related to a Master of Science in Information Systems. The course equips students with technical proficiency and business knowledge to examine, design, manage, and maintain information systems in any setting. Information systems go hand in hand with technology, and people dealing with it have to keep up with innovations. Information systems constantly change in an attempt to improve performance and users’ satisfaction. Cyber security is an example of a technology trend that will impact my target career.

Cyber security has been around for a while, and it is ever-evolving like other technologies. As there emerge new technological innovations, cybercriminals equally improve their malicious activities. Each day new cyber threats emerge because hackers always try new strategies of illegally accessing data. In my target career, I will be dealing with critical information that can result in huge losses if accessed by unauthorized individuals. Organizations that I work with will have to spend a lot on cybersecurity. I will have to continually learn about the new techniques cyber criminals are implementing to cause harm. Learning about hackers will help in devising security measures that guarantee the safety of information systems. It is correct to say that much of my work will be analyzing, devising, and implementing cybersecurity measures.

A data breach not only causes financial losses but ruins the reputation and trust of an organization.  As companies implement strong cybersecurity systems, managing them requires skillful professions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that between 2019 to 2029, the demand for information security analysts in the U.S job market will increase to 31% (Columbia Southern University, 2020). This shows the significance of my career to companies and the level of dependency on information security analysts.


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